A Typical Day

SUSU shop

Meet up

On the morning of your flying day, we meet outside The Shop on Redbrick, Highfield Campus at 0800. Please make sure you are there on time, otherwise your driver might have to leave without you! Check out the FAQ for what you should bring along with you.

Shalbourne hangar

Setup the airfield

After an approximately hour long drive up to the airfield, we help set up for the day of flying. If you're new to gliding don't worry, you won't be asked to do anything you don't understand yet! There are three main things that need setting up: the winch, the launch point and the gliders themselves.

Flying in a glider


This bit shouldn't need any introduction!

Packing up the hangar

Pack back up

After flying, we need to put everything back as it was before we came and secure the gliders, so they are still there next time we come! We make our way back after this is done.

We ask that you contribute £5 towards the driver's costs, the club doesn't reimburse them for driving!

Glider with sunset

Pay your flying fees

As much as we would like to make your flying free, we can't :( . After your flying day, you should see a corresponding fees entry on your profile page. Please pay your fees in a timely manner!

Don't forget to make sure you've added some availability so you can go flying again!