About Us

Long Mynd sunset

SUGC is the Southampton University Gliding Club. We are here to offer the best quality gliding at the best price, while having a great day! The Club re-established in 2015 and over 1000 tremendous flights have occurred since! SUGC flies at Shalbourne Gliding Club. Gliding is suitable for anyone from any background from any degree! No knowledge needed! We fly as often as we can, we aim for 3 times a week, along with some fantastic trips with other Uni’s and independent trips!

Who is SUGC for?

SUGC is a club that can give you a unique experience unlike any other. We are a friendly club that welcomes everyone. Beginners are helped to achieve their ambitions while experienced pilots will not be held back! Once solo, some pilots like to fly cross country, some like to fly upside down, and some just like to potter around the sky for a bit of peace and quiet. Whatever your goals, this is the place to be!

We allow any Southampton University students to join, regardless of course, age, or anything else. Of course, there are some restrictions beyond our control, but if you are over 14 years old and have no medical conditions which prevent you getting a driving license, you can fly solo! Many disabilities can also be accommodated in gliding. Check out our FAQ for more info.

Amazed by the flight


Never even heard of gliding? Come and do a trial flight with us and see what all the fuss it about!

Landing glider


Most of our members join with zero experience, and start by training for their first solo flight!

Long Mynd busy ridge soaring


Solo is just the start of the journey. Achieve badges or set your own goals.

Launch grid at Long Mynd


All of our members have the opportunity to compete at the inter-unis.