Welcome to Gliding

SUGC is a club that can give you a unique experience unlike any other. As a tight-knit and friendly bunch of folks, we welcome everyone who knocks on our door. As a beginner, we will do what we can to help you achieve your ambitions. As an experienced pilot, we will help to drive you up the ranks. Alternatively, if you just fancy pottering around the sky for the sheer peace of it, that's cool with us.

Regarding health, if you are physically fit to drive a car you are fit to fly a glider solo.

To ensure everyone gets their flights in, the flying day is usually a full one, often lasting most of the daylight hours. At the airfield, everyone has the chance to help out with a variety of ground handling activities when they're not in the air. The catering facilities at Lasham are second to none, with a main meals and a variety of snacks and drinks available throughout the day. Naturally, a club bar is ready and waiting for when we retire from the launch point!