Your First Flight

Now is Your Chance to Enjoy the Experience of Unpowered Flight

After an introduction to the basics of the glider, you'll be seated in a dual-controlled aircraft. Your instructor will have control and guide the aircraft through its launch. After time to take in the countryside spread out below you, he or she will demonstrate the glider's controls in flight. You'll then be given the opportunity to take the controls yourself and fly the glider. As the end of the flight approches, your instructor takes over again for the (no doubt very smooth!) landing.

Training flights are usually launched using a high powered winch - quick, effective, and dramatic to watch. Depending on weather conditions, the flight will usually last about 10 minutes. See our fees section for a complete listing of prices.

We fly most weekends from Lasham Gliding Society's airfield near Alton. It's the largest gliding club in the world, so you'll be spoilt for choice of aircraft and highly-trained instructors. We are limited on how many people we can take to the airfield on any one day, so a list is produced online of who's flying on a first-come, first-served basis. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the club to or check out our FAQ. With any luck we'll get you flying on the Saturday or Sunday of your choice! Transport to and from the airfield is provided for you by club members (£1 return trip dontation), but do let us know, when signing up, if you have your own car!