First Social of 2013/14
163 University Road - 8th October 2013

Hi guys, it's time for the first gliding social of the year! Come along to the Stile on Tuesday the 8th at 8pm. You can get to know the committee better, have a few drinks and hear about the time one of our pilots landed at an RAF base (yes this really did happen)! Hope to see you all there!


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Drinks and a pub quiz!
Highfield - 23rd February 2012

Hi all,

The gliding club will be meeting up for a few drinks and possibly a pub quiz this Thursday (23rd Feb) at The Stile pub (the one at the top of University Road) at around 7.30pm. If you are free then, come by and join us!

See you all then!


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First gliding Social of the Year!
Portswood - 10th November 2011

Hi all,

The gliding club will be having a pub crawl this Thursdau, plan is it meet at the Varsity in Portswood at 7.30pm and move down the road to finish at the Hobbit.

See you all Then!


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Gliding social to Weatherspoons for curry night
The Giddy Bridge - 10th March 2011

Next Thursday, 10th of March, at 6:30PM, we will be going to The Giddy Bridge for the curry night at Weatherspoons.

For those of you who haven't been there, the Giddy Bridge is on London Road in town, take a look on Google Maps.

For those of you who haven't been to spoons for the curry night its about a fiver for a curry and a drink.

Thats all there really is to say I think, see you there!


Cantina Social (Non Alcoholic)
Cantina - 25th February 2011


We are going to go a bit further afield on Semester 2's non alcoholic social.

The destination is Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in the city of Southampton.

The plan is to meet up outside the Giddy Bridge (Weatherspoons), on London Road at 8:15 PM, as it is a bit easier to find than Cantina. If you are not sure where this is, consult Google maps. You should recognise it as part of the U1C and U1A route to and from town.

If you turn up a bit late and we have gone into the restaurant already, it is just around the corner (take a look on Google maps *just* west of the Giddy Bridge). If you have no idea where to go give me a call on 07962 561 662 and I will come and find you.

If you are interested, email me ASAP at so I know how many people to book a table for. By the way the table will be booked for 8:30 PM hence the oddly specific meeting time of 8:15 PM.

Hopefully see you there!


Another get-together (hurrah!)
The Mitre - 16th February 2011

Same idea as the other socials really, we take a quick walk to Portswood and sample some of the fine society in the company of fellow gliding people.

Meet us in the Mitre at half eight on Wednesday (16th) and a good time shall be had by all.

You know you want to....


Post exam frolic
Varsity - 8th February 2011

So the days are starting to get a little bit longer, its not as numbingly cold as it was, and we aren't drowned in work, it can only mean one thing; SUGC social!

We will meet at Varsity on Tuesday at 8:30pm and then visit a few pubs when and where we fancy. We will probably wind up at the Hobbit, or some other place near the bottom of Portswood.

I hope everyone's exams went well and that I see you all there!


Christmas'y Curry (and social next week)
Gordon Arms - 16th December 2010

On Thursday 16th December at 7pm we will be having a Christmas meal (doesn't have to be a curry) at the Gordon Arms on Portswood.

So come one come all and meet up once more before everyone goes their separate ways and gets buried in revision.

Also there will be a social this Tuesday, we will meet at 8:30pm at Varsity and then, if we all feel like braving the elements, move on to some of Portswood's pubs and/or clubs.

Another pub crawl?
Portswood - 18th November 2010

Hell yes.

The next social will be another light hearted pub crawl, this time starting out at Varsity as everyone probably (hopefully) knows their way round by now.

We will casually meander our way down portswood stopping off at basically any ethanol vendor we feel like (suggestions are very much welcome), probably on a similar route to the first social.

Hope to see y'all there or at the airfield soon!


Pub crawl. Portswood. This is not a drill
Stags Head - 19th October 2010

October 19, 2010 - a date which will live in infamy - Portswood Road was suddenly and deliberately used for a social by members of SUGC.

This will be the first proper gliding social this term so you can come and get to know the people you'll be gliding with!

There's no particular theme but feel free to add a bit of a flying flair to your image, you have the power.

If committee members all wear kamikaze headbands (not a reference to our flying habits) then everyone will roughly know who to follow

The Plan:
-Meet at The Stags at 7:30pm 
-The Mitre 
-Gordon Arms
-Richmond Inn
-The Hobbit (£2 entry after 10 but hopefully we'll hurry)
-Depending on blood alcohol levels maybe ending up sobar or jesters

No better way to get to know people than staggering to the next pub with them!


Stags Head After Introductory Meeting
Stags Head - 5th October 2010

The plan is to go to The Stags Head after the introductory talk for a few drinks and to get a bit better acquainted.

Hope to see you all there!

The Hobbit
The Hobbit - 4th March 2010

Hi Everyone!

Here is some info about our social on Thursday.

Venue: The Hobbit, Portswood
Date: Thursday, 4 Mar 2010
Time: 7:00pm Onwards

And for you compass-heads:,+-1.395205&t=h

Even if you can only make it for one drink (water would do) just come along and meet all the fellow club members. Besides, the Hobbit cocktails are the stuff of legends! The Guinness monster might be there and anyone who beats him at a beer chugging contest wins some more alcohol!

Club Secretary,

P.s. - I take no responsibility for drunken shenanigans.

Extreme Sports take over jesters!
Jesters - 25th November 2008
Drinks after the Introductory meeting
Stags - 8th October 2008
End of Year Dinner
Lasham Gliding Club - 25th July 2008

The end of the year approaches, and we have much to celebrate!  Matt has suggested that we have a formal dinner at Lasham and people thought it would be nice to have that at the end of the inter unis.  I have put the date as jul 26 but we could make that the sunday if people prefered, its just that I thought people may be able to get home easier on the Sunday.  I think Matt said the cost would be in the region of 25 pounds.

This way we can also celebrate the success of the inter unis. (hope i havn't jinxed it..)

We need numbers ASAP so please everyone email me at if your going to come.

Email me or Matt with any questions.

SUGC Christmas Party
Natraj, Portswood - 13th December 2007

Hi all,

It's that time of year again for the SUGC Christmas party.

Lasham are holding their Christmas party on saturday the 15th december and i strongly urge you all to attend as this will be a good opportunity to get to know everyone who is a regular at the airfield.

Our own somewhat more modest affair will be held on the evening of Thursday 13th December. We will meet at the Stags around 6 pm have a few drinks and then head into town for a meal.

Could people who are interested in either event please email me ASAP (before the end of November so I can sort out numbers)


Last social before Easter!
Stag's Head - 17th April 2007

Last social before easter break is on Thursday 15th March. Meet at the Stag's head 2000 hrs for some Kareoke. Hope to see you all there.

Cinema Social
Cineworld (Ocean Village) - 31st October 2006

Non-alcoholic social! Tuesday 31st October - Halloween - We're going to Cineworld to watch SAW III - Starts at 21:30. Be there!

Pool Tournament
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