Lasham Airfield Manual

All SUGC pilots need to have read the items in red, from the Lasham Manual.

Lasham Manual

About Gliding

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Airfield Safety

On your way to the airfield you'll be talked through the Airfield Safety Guide. Don't be afraid to ask questions regarding airfield operations and safety at any time! The SUGC guides are listed below, along with a link to the Lasham Manual. Many sections of this Manual are mandatory reading for all pilots after their first flight. Please put some time aside to go over these.

Airfield Safety Guide

To be read and understood by all members of Southampton University Gliding Club.

  • New members should not move between areas of the airfield without an escort (SUGC or other Lasham member) e.g. Launch-point to club house
  • Remember - you can HEAR the powered aircraft but gliders are almost SILENT – so, LOOK!
  • Do not walk in front of glider at the front of the launch queue
  • Do not walk over or near the winch cables, even if they do not appear to be in use
  • If you have to cross a runway or any other area inside the perimeter track, look carefully in all directions and cross quickly. Take the shortest path that will get you to the other side - generally not a diagonal one!
  • While walking around the hangar or launch-point, look where you are going; it's all too easy to walk into a wingtip or step on a wing and damage a glider (or yourself)
  • You will be expected to help out when on the airfield, but do not attempt tasks that have not been clearly explained to you by an existing Lasham or SUGC member (like retrieving the cables, hooking on gliders, etc.). Doing these tasks incorrectly can be dangerous
  • Club vehicles cannot be driven on the perimeter track unless you hold a valid UK driving license
  • The clubhouse has a bar - if you stay overnight, do not drink excessively and fly!

Updated 15th October 2006

Glider Operating Procedures

A summary of how flying operations are conducted on a day to day basis.

Administration of the Sport
All gliding in the UK is administered and controlled by the British Gliding Association (BGA). They operate under the authority of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Daily Operations at the Home Site (Lasham Airfield)
All flying activities are controlled by the club's Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) who is appointed by the BGA. The CFI has overall control of ALL flying matters, and is responsible for the other instructors; he will appoint a Duty Instructor who is responsible for each day's flying. The duty instructor will decide whether conditions are suitable for flying based on an individual’s experience. The duty instructor is also responsible for all other gliding based activities occurring on the airfield.

Daily Operations at another site
When operating at another site, flying activities come under the auspices of that club's CFI and his nominated Duty Instructor. Flying from non CAA sanctioned sites is at the pilots discretion (although third party insurance cover is still valid), and is prohibited except for retrieving a glider that has landed out. If Lasham (LGS) equipment is used, then the CFI of LGS will appoint a suitable person (at their discretion) to be in charge of that equipment. That person will still come under the authority of the away site's Duty Instructor.

Each aircraft must undergo an annual Certificate of Airworthiness, which is performed by an inspector who is qualified under the authority of the BGA. Before each day's flying, each aircraft will be given a Daily Inspection, which can be carried out by any person nominated by the CFI, usually a pilot of solo standard. Before each flight a further series of checks is performed by the pilot as they are sat in their aircraft.

To instruct (including carrying of passengers) in gliders, the instructor must be passed as qualified by the BGA to instruct, and by their CFI to instruct at a particular site.

Insurance Cover
All gliders must have at least £1,000,000 third party insurance cover per seat in the glider.

These notes are only advisory and are not an exhaustive list. This summary should be read in conjunction with the Lasham Manual.

Lasham Manual
It is mandatory for all members to read the Lasham Manual before their first flight at the airfield.

Please pay particular attention to the red hilighted items in the Lasham Manual; you will be asked to sign to declare that you have read these. If you read them in advance, online, plenty of time can be saved on the day of your flight!