LGS - Lasham Gliding Society, where we fly.

BGA - British Gliding Association, who govern gliding in the UK.

AU Membership is included in annual SUGC fees.

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Flying Fees

Trial Flights


Do you fancy trying out gliding with no commitment? It's alright…we understand. We run trial flights all year round. Just sign up and sign on to a flying list. All you pay is £30.

Annual Membership


age 22 and under


22 and over

If you decide you like us so much, you can sign up for a full year's membership. This also bags you membership at the Lasham Gliding Society and the British Gliding Association!

Our membership is based on your age because Lasham consequently charges us for your membership in this way.

Here is a listing of launching and flying fees for regular members.

Premium Package
Premium SUGC Membership for very serious pilots £100.00
If you want to use the SUGC Club Glider
SUGC Annual Aircraft Pilots Fee (for use of DNZ, solo pilots only) £35.00
Winter Launching
Winch Launch £8.25
Aerotow Launch (to 2,000ft) £30.00
Aerotow Launch (every additional 500ft) £3.00
Soaring (air time)
LGS Aircraft (first two hours average; free thereafter) £0.27 /min
SUGC Aircraft (for use of DNZ) free

The SUGC premium package is an optional addition to your annual membership. It halves the cost of winch launching, so you can expect to break-even around your 35th launch. The package must be renewed each year and is very suitable if you're planning on going solo within one year.

Disclaimer stuff: These prices may not always reflect the actual prices. For the latest Lasham prices, please check their website.