The SUGC Committee 2012-2013

name Ashwin Kumar
committee position Captain
e-mail ak22g09@soton.ac.uk
name Russell Newman
committee position Vice Captain & Webmaster
e-mail rn2@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wonder why this website is so damn awesome? Look no further! We found Russell on the run after hacking into the NASA database, and decided he qualified for SUGC webmaster.
name Roisin Callanan
committee position Treasurer & Equipment Officer
e-mail roisin_callanan@hotmail.co.uk
name Sam Fisher
committee position Secretary & Social Secretary
e-mail smf1g12@soton.ac.uk

Other SUGC Regulars

name Matthew Plumridge
Matt has a growing reputation for doing crazy stuff in gliders, then putting it on youtube! Be sure to check your trailer before you put your glider away, as matt may be sleeping in it.
name Alex Perevedentsev
Alex set a club record by being the only person to land at the wrong airfield on his first solo flight. After being picked up by the RAF, he was given back to us at Lasham and has thus been awarded the status of a regular member.
name Mark Pearce
Mark heads up to Lasham more than anyone to make use of Denz. If you have a question about joining, Mark is your man.
name Emeric "Belgium" Massaut
Well he's a crazy Belgian who has flown the PW-5. Need we say more? Just hide any food from him if he's near you at the airfield; he's a hungry shark!! Recently honoured as Director of Gear-up Landings.
name Rob "Fresh" Hines
It has got to be said, things don't get much fresher than Rob. Admittedly, though, he's not quite as fresh when it comes to gliding, having sneaked in some years experience before uni. Rob is now the ex club captain, but watch out as he'll still be around at the inter unis.
name Matt "Guinness Monster" Bennett
Loves Denzil a little too much. Properly hates early morning starts. Now commands a wide range of stockpiled SUGC goodies!